Blanca Hernández Pérez y Ana Martín Márquez 4ºB


1. Puchero: It is a soup made of a broth. The broth is made of meat, chicken, bacon, salty bones and so on. These mix is called “pringá”.




2. Clawns: They are molluscs. You can find in the Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches. They are buried shallowness in the sand of the coast. We use them in Mediterranean’s kitchens.





3. “Gazpacho”It is a cold soup made of olive oil, bread, vinager and some vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and garlics). You churn all the ingredients and that is made it.






4. Pulses soup: It is a meal of vegetables and pulses cooked in water. This meal has a lot of variations. It can have some meat, bones, chorizo, bacon or cod.



5. Spanis omellete: First, you have to fry potatoes. Second, you churn some eggs and then you mix potatoes and eggs. Put oil in a pain and knock over the mix.Wait a few minutes and we have a very good spanish omelette.Image



6. “Paella”: It is original from Valencia. It is made of rice, vegetables, meat and seafood. The special ingredient is the saffron.Image


7. “Carrillá”: It is made of meat and potatoes. Mix the meat and potatoes in a pain. Let rest about one hour.Image


8. Dry cured spanish ham: Is taken out of the legs of pig. It is made salting and drying. The pig can be white breed (doesn’t feed on acorns) or iberian breed (feeds on acorns).



9. Rayfish: It is a big fish, level with long and thin tail. It is made with the meat’s fin and the liver. It boil in a sauce of bread, garlic, pepper, cumin ground with vinager and fry in the frying pan with oil.Image


10. Prawn: Marine crustacean, developed abdomen and shell elastic, are eaten as shellfish. It boil in a hot water and to eat remove the skin and the head.




11. Tail of bull: Consist in a hotpot of the tail of bull or cow. It is cooked usually in the Andalusian’s kitchens. It is orginal from Cordoba.



12. “Coca”: It is made of sweet dough, angel hair and almonds. It is a candy traditional of the Holy week.Image


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